Services Offered:

The company offers a range of special services. A few of them are listed below;

1. Energy Audit and implementation of its findings.
2. Electrical Load Balancing.
3. Environment Friendly and Green Technology Applications.
4. Safe Earthing solutions for Complete Building.
5. Conservation of Electric Energy.
6. Calibration of protection and safety devices.
7. Design of Complete Electrical and Electronic Installations with project report and Circuit details of Industrial & Commercial Buildings.
8. Provision of services from grass-root level upto any stage of the project or till its completion.
9. HT and LT installation Wiring design, supply, Erection & Commissioning of Complete Commercial & Industrial Projects, in conformity with Indian Electricity Act 2003, and applicable Rules.
10. Liaison with Government departments for release of Connections.
11. Supply and Installation of Energy Saving Equipments / Instruments.
12. Training of Building Electricians.
13. Social and Safety Audit.
14. Risk Analysis and implementation of its findings.
15. Low Cost Automation for improving productivity.
16. Lean Manufacturing and Single Line flow design.
17. Complete study of Distributed and Central Air Conditioning.
18. Repair of all types of Indian /Imported Electrical and Electronics gadgets.